And now for some true baby pictures.

This is James still in the hospital, he looked like a little old man, but a little cuter. His “two best friends,” the tiny little skinny hands, had to be with him at all times.

He did sleep a lot right after he was born, but Brad and I really didn’t sleep at all. We were watching and listening so closely to every movement he made.

Brad and James in the rocking chair right next to my hospital bed.

And now – Family plus James!

Here is James with his Great-Grandpa Don and next with Great-Grandma Tee.

And of course, with Aunt Grace.

Here is Grandma Diane with James (still in the hospital!)

Here he is with his godmothers, Angie and Heidi.

Baby James with Great-Grandma Alice and Mom

James with Grandpa

James with Grandma Laura in Kuwait (this is a little preview for the next post!!!)