We´ve been gallivanting around Europe now for about 20 days!! And no blog posts you say? Well, we haven´t run into that many internet cafes. Lots of free wireless, but with our tiny amount of luggage, we didn´t bring anything to hook into the wireless world.

A few highlights:

Cologne, Germany –  amazing cathedral, made Notre Dame look like a starter kit

Amsterdam – lots of tall blondes on bicycles, even girls with short skirts! Van Gogh is cool.

The Hague – Escher is really cool.

Brussels – The musical instrument museum. Wow, my music history class and all my band history classes should have met in this place.

Luxembourg – Good municipal bands and a really pretty big river valley cutting through the city.

Paris – The French are nice. The Louvre is huge, but not as crazy as the line for the Eiffel Tower.

Bordeaux – Our mid-vacation vacation. A nice walk in the park.

Bilbao – No one can capture the amazingness of the Guggenheim Museum bulding – partially because you can´t take pictures inside 🙂 Naked beach.

Madrid -Bustling metropolis that never stops, except when the metro workers go on strike the day we departed. Yikes. The Spanish are really nice.

Barcelona – Madrid may be at the heart of Spain, but Barcelona is the soul. Could definitely live here. Picasso is deeper than I knew and Gaudi seemed a little crazy.

Coming up: Geneva and Bern, with little stops in Montpellier (France) and Zurich. We catch our breath in Frankfurt and then we´re back in the US!!