I felt like we needed some updates, not a new diatribe.

School – finals and grades. I hate grading. I totally became a teacher because I really wanted to write on the overhead every day, not because I wanted to hassle with stupid letters and numbers and percentages. It’s tough, I have to be so accurate reporting grades. For me, one little slip-up might be one mistake in 700 or 800 entries, but for that student it can be an incredible difference. Too bad teachers don’t get grades on percentages.

Travel – We’re off on our crazy European vacation on June 11, less than two weeks from now. We will visit 12 cities, staying at no frills hotels/motels/hostels and traveling by train. Many excellent pictures to come on Brad’s Travelogue. Koln, Amsterdam, Brussels, Luxembourg, Paris, Bordeaux, Bilbao, Madrid, Barcelona, Geneva, Bern, and Frankfurt to fly out. Was that 12? I’m too lazy to go back and count again 🙂

Baby – Doing very well, he moves around a lot but causes me very few problems (unless you count the fast growing, super fingernails!). We just bought our first baby stuff, a high chair, little toy boxes, and a few other things. Uh-oh, it’s starting to feel real . . .

Leaving Kuwait – A few interesting tidbits about leaving your apartment in Kuwait behind for the summer. We have realized that we will be back in the US with no assets. No car, no home, and just our small suitcases that we’ll travel around Europe with. Minimizing your life to 100 things? That’s not bad, I think I can do 40 for the summer. Also interesting, we were instructed to wrap all our electronics in plastic so they don’t get dust inside. We leave Kuwait on a 12:30 AM flight, the teachers call it the “Midnight Run,” the “Freedom Flight,” and many other interesting names. There are a lot of people leaving Kuwait for the summer, so I’m sure that will be an experience.

Well, that’s all for now, more diatribes later, thanks for checking in!