Well we’re coming to the end of the school year. I see each of my classes just two or three more times and then they’re off to final exams. We have a few days of grading and getting ourselves organized and then we leave the country. It has been a whole school year, but really has not felt like it. It feels like just a month or two ago, Brad and I woke up super early, neither able to fall asleep after the morning call to prayer, and were led to our new workplace for the first time. Things are very different now, but it doesn’t feel like that long ago.

My first year teaching, I remember starting the countdown in January. “Oh my gosh, thank goodness I made it to the second half of the year.” The next two years started to hurt in about March. We would start to get incredibly busy with spring trip, contests, elementary concerts, and everything under the sun. In Kuwait, our busiest part of the year was all to do with paperwork, the IBO’s Middle Years Program visit and moderation paperwork, and it was a little nutty, but nothing like festival season. May is just sneaking by into June and somehow I didn’t notice.

Brad and I have tried to figure out how the year went by so quickly. My theory: weird seasons.

It is too simple to just say there aren’t seasons here. There was definitely a cool down in the fall, a little chillier time in Jan/Feb and then a warm up. The “chillier” time was not that cold, and the warm ups and cool downs are very gentle. There was no “in like a lamb, out like a lion.” We have had the occasional sand storm, but I don’t have any idea what season that belongs to. What really threw me off, I think, was that the fall felt all like August or September . . . all the way into December. Then we had our winter vacation, we took some time off, we traveled, saw family. Then January until April felt like May and now it’s summer and the end of the school year. The regular markers of each month going by were all extended, and then there were fewer of them. THE WHOLE YEAR SHORTENED!!! I have decided to call this phenomenon of having your year sneak by because of seasons “Season Affective Disorder” . . . . already taken you say? Bummer. I thought it fit quite well.