Here are some ultrasound pictures.

5 Weeks Ultrasound

I thought this was exceptionally funny. You go in to the doctor to make sure you are actually pregnant and he does an ultrasound and you see nothing. Well, the little computer drawings at least show me where to look for the tiny little bean shape.

About 12 Weeks

It looks a little like an alien. The baby is facing forward with a big head to the top left and a little bean body.

About 16 Weeks

Hey! Looks like a super tiny baby. Head, arms, body, and little crossed legs. I wish it was a little clearer, we watched it move around.


This was the doctor’s attempt to show us that the child will indeed have a face. You can see the skull bones that make up the different parts of the face.

There’s one more picture from our last visit where the doctor zoomed in really far and then circled what he believed to be the proof of a male baby. We’ll keep that one private for the dignity of a boy who will eventually be hoping for a date πŸ˜‰