We met up with Mark at a jazz club by Victory Monument called Saxophone Pub. The musicians were good and their hip charts were a welcome sound to our ears. Being away from any real music scene for so long was starting to hurt a little.

Bangkok is a fairly easy city to get around, but the pollution is rough. The heat and humidity combined with constant hustle and noise is a stressful combination. My short day trips have been great, but it’s been nice to return to the creature comforts of the hotel.

The cheaper the cost of your transportation, the slower it goes. In addition, there is a relationship between the cost and the odds of dying while on said transport. The street level taxis are the most expensive, but the drivers are good and efficient – chances of dying, small. The ferries that cross the river are the cheapest and essentially are flat bottom boats with suspect benches and a few guard rails – chances of dying while crossing the river, too big. The express boats are next up the ladder and a bit more expensive are the river tour boats. I’ve taken them all save one – the long tails. I don’t know how much they cost because I tend to shy away from small boats powered by Chevy engines.