In just a few weeks, Brad and I are off to Bangkok and we’re planning a little side trip to Cambodia. Don’t worry, we’ll post lots of pictures and add a page to our Travelogue.

Looking even further ahead, we just got some incredibly cool news. We’re going on a tour of CERN!! For those of you who are not huge dorks, CERN is the EU’s nuclear research facility and the world’s largest particle accelerator. It is basically a huge tube, lots of technology, and a bunch of scientists, and they are on the cutting edge of discovering the basic structure of the universe, very cool stuff. This is one of the particle detectors, just check out how huge it is.

Valerio Mezzanotti for The New York Times

When we decided that we would be touring around Europe next summer and we had to start and end in Germany, it just seemed natural that we would spend a little bit of time in Switzerland. Looking through the best visitors locations in Switzerland, I was reminded of CERN and I immediately emailed them asking about a tour. I have read that they don’t give tours in English all the time, their security is pretty tight, and you really need to plan ahead. I emailed them, didn’t hear back for two weeks, emailed again, got an email that basically said “all right already, we got your first email, be patient.” And then, just a few days ago I got the information about when the tours in English would be. It is excellent, they are scheduled for two tours in English during our time in Switzerland so . . . CERN, here we come!!!!