Well, we’re off to Greece in a few days for Christmas and a tour. We’ll post a ton of pictures when we get back. For my foreign country count I’m still pretty low (Canada, Jamaica, Germany, Kuwait), Brad is just a bit ahead of me with his Malta trip, but we’re about to add to it big time.

I (Emily) presented a workshop (about Orff Schulwerk, my most recent training I’ve been doing in Las Vegas) at the local educators’ conference and applied to be considered to present for a bigger conference. Two workshops were chosen to go on to the Near East South Asia Conference and mine was one of them! That means the school will pay for my flight and hotel to go to Bangkok at the very beginning of our spring break. Brad is going to come along and I think we will take a little commuter flight over to Cambodia and visit Angkor Wat and some of the really neat sights there.

For Greece, I still need to do a lot to prepare. I’m very short on warm clothing, I don’t own a hat, and I need to borrow a suitcase to travel with. Brad and I are becoming a lot more laid back with our traveling though, and we’ve got a few days to get our act together. I look forward to seeing some family very soon!