Emily and I enjoyed our Eid break by turning off cell phones and not logging onto email. It’s good to cut the electronic ties that bind us to work. Part two of being a tourist in Kuwait City was a visit to the Scientific Center. The facility features a number of displays, IMAX theater and an aquarium. Choosing an easy afternoon out before grocery shopping (we did after all have to go back to school on Tuesday) we decided to visit the aquarium then enjoy a coffee. Pictures! Please enjoy!

This is one of the many areas along our Gulf walk where one can stop and enjoy a moment.

Thought this aquarium looked a bit ‘science experiment-esque’ with it’s creepy column of water and fish.

(Truth be told: I used a flash to wash out the first picture. The rich blue light is what it really looks like.)

This large saltwater tank at the end of the exhibit is really the centerpiece to the whole aquarium. Nice layout, beautifully designed and very well maintained, this display is as fine as any I’ve seen.

Not too bad from over 11 kilometers away. The recent rain has cleared the air a bit.

Bonus picture of the day!

Emily conquered the new gas oven and produced an honest to goodness chocolate cake. Yes, we realize the stove needs to be leveled , but the cake was delicious. Stay focused people! Two weeks ago with the oven from hell (funny?) we were enjoying(?) burned cookies that were still doughy in the middle. Yummy! (Still working on the frosting.)