Today, Emily and I were tourists at the Kuwait Towers. It’s a landmark we often see from afar, and have even walked to, but we decided today would be the day to go up to the observation deck. Iraqi soldiers devastated the site in 1990 in their effort to eliminate and demoralize Kuwaiti’s and pictures of that time are displayed along the interior wall.

It’s quite a different scene today with tourists from India and the Far East; lots of locals – mostly families. Busy, packed, but pleasant.

On the elevator ride up we made small talk with the husband of a Kuwaiti family that lived in Houston for a short time. Emily and I just tell folks we’re from Chicago because it’s a globally recognizable city. It works out well. Most everyone knows Chicago. His response was “Ah yes, Sears Tower”, though I don’t think they call it Sears Tower anymore.

After the Towers we walked to a large mall on the north shore called Souq Sharq. It is in a prime location full of upscale retailers and also serves as a marina for yachts. With the weather today, the walk to the mall reminded me of the north shore in Chicago on an early fall day, except with a salty spray.

I like our new home. ~b