Just when music education became compulsory in Kuwait schools, this happened . . .

Link – Kuwaiti Islamist MP threatens to grill PM

This has had a freezing affect on live music in the city. Unless you’re at an embassy or private party, forget about going out for some good, live music entertainment. There are a number of concerts featuring traditional music and events hosted by educational entities. These are great, but not quite the vibe or feel that many are looking for. Hotels are canceling contracts and holding off on booking future engagements. This is a sad turn of events. There is a population that seeks and supports live music in this town, but they are constantly challenged in being allowed to do so. I won’t even get into the performance licensing that we must secure to be allowed to play in the first place.

And, for some perspective . . .

Link – Celebrating Banned Books and Music

Link – Des Moines Dancing Illegal

Here are some shots from two gigs I played in the last couple of weeks. Very nice venues and events organized by fantastic folks. Many thanks for promoting live music in and around the city. We’re all enriched by your support. I remain hopeful that more moderate attitudes will prevail.


View from the balcony level

(I can assure you that no dancing resulted as a consequence of these events.)

Tent on the beach

As seen from my seat

This is the Roland V-Drum kit I purchased for quiet practice at home. Perfect for apartment living and jazz combo gigs. I used it in one rehearsal with a jazz band, but decided that I need more amp power to back up a big group in live performance. The kit breaks down nicely to fit into one Action Packer bin, minus the frame, which folds up well and easily slips into the backseat of the car. I also use a small, lightweight monitor so I don’t have to rely on house sound.

Bonus picture of the week!

Evidence of changing weather

A somewhat pleasant and familiar sunset from several days ago. The daytime high temperatures have mellowed and the nights are cooler, giving a hint of seasonal change. ~b