Well, I’ll post quickly because I should really go to bed.

When Brad and I go back to our classrooms, we usually cut through the auditorium. Usually they are setting up for something after school, or a school event. But today, we went to cut through, I opened the door and there was a big school fair! Probably 25 or 30 universities had booths set up to chat with potential students. We walked around a little bit and recognized some schools. Arizona State, DePaul, Youngstown State, Ohio, and bunch of others  . . . and University of Oregon!

We walked right over the University of Oregon guy and told him we had just moved from Oregon, and that it was the only school there we had visited. Brad and I have probably been to U of O about 10 times. Marching Band events, conferences, etc. We talked to him a bit about Salem and Oregon. Brad happened to be drinking his coffee out of the only dishware we brought from the states: his OPB mug (Oregon Public Broadcasting). We talked to him about the lovely public radio station and how we have continued to listen every once in a while (although the programming is a little odd at the times when we would listen since it is almost the opposite time of day there).

Last year, WIU was part of this same college fair, so we’ll look for them in the years to come. It was fun to talk with some Americans and listen to how they were convincing students to move to some of the coldest or wettest or most different (from the Middle East) parts of the United States. All sorts of fun, I look forward to other upcoming college fairs!