Apparently everyone calls it the big boat. We were told to just say that to a cab driver and he would know what we were talking about. I think we did actually explain a little better to ours, but he knew what we were talking about. In the lobby area of the boat there is a Guinness World Record plaque for it being the largest hand carved boat. It was quite a pretty sight

More pictures from the big boat are coming soon, Brad took several with his very nice camera. These pictures are from my phone.

. The big boat

This is inside the boat. It is a very large hand carved boat connected to the convention center area of the hotel. Brad played drum set for a little fundraising event.

More big boat

This is a look toward one end of the boat. The walls all curve up, because they are the sides of the boat, and the floor has a bit of an angle to it. At the end there is a staircase up to a small balcony area. I sat on the balcony for a while, a little bit afraid of sliding around. You wouldn’t want to have anything on wheels up there.