I laughed at my Dad a few weeks ago when he asked if we were coming into our rainy season in Kuwait. I have a feeling that there really isn’t true rainy season here. BUT, if there is some sort of rainy time in Kuwait, I think we experienced a bit of it yesterday and today.

Yesterday, on our walk home from conferences, we were sprinkled on. At first, I thought there was an air conditioner dripping, but then the water continued. It “rained” on us the whole walk home, just enough to take a little humidity out of the air. Then, later in the evening we had some honest-to-goodness thunder and lightening. I haven’t seen any really good thunder and lightening since the big (and nearly unprecedented) storm in Oregon just before we left. It is the one thing I miss about Iowa. I enjoyed the big thunderstorms . . . as long as I wasn’t trying to sleep. Well, after a few days of excitement, I’m looking forward to the weekend. Brad is playing at the “big boat” tomorrow, I’ll take some pics!