This week was a good one, Brad and I promised our students we would brag about them a bit. Brad’s music independent study students and my vocal music students performed yesterday at the latest high school assembly. It was an excellent learning experience for the students and for the audience. Brad’s students put together a very cool blues band and played some Texas Blues and my students performed two very nice songs with dumbek accompaniment.

Today though . . .   Snow Day! Well, that’s what Brad told me when he got the call. Some major power supply at the school malfunctioned and last night took out the power to the administrative wing of the school. They worked late into the night and this morning the power to most of the building was out. They cancelled school for us for the day. I think this is about as close as we’ll ever get to a snow day. We’re going back later this evening for conferences, but so far today has been a much needed respite for my voice. I caught the cold that has been sweeping through the school and I wasn’t sure I would be able to teach all day and then talk with parents all evening.

So, sorry for the misleading title, no snow in Kuwait. It has been around 90F the whole week and today it is rather humid. Our favorite taxi driver told us that it is normal this time of year because the winds are changing (I think coming from the gulf now?). Our windows were all foggy this morning and even had some wet streaks where enough water had collected to stream down the windows.  Thanks for reading!