I am currently watching my first sign language in Kuwait. Coming from a school where I had an interpreter most of the time, it is a breath of familiar air. On my satellite channels, I have mostly Arabic channels. The Kuwait channel is about half English and half Arabic. I am watching the Kuwait channel in Arabic with sign language interpretation that I can, amazingly, understand. It is definitely closely related to ASL, but I don’t know enough Arabic to know if they are interpreting how ASL would exactly.  The words help, welcome, together, beautiful, family and what I’m picking up to be “Kuwait” were all in the last minute of discussion. Also, I recognize a lot more signs that I don’t remember the meaning of.

The interpreter seems very good, his signs are very clear, he is repeating the words as he interprets, and he is giving it a little personality. He is dressed in a traditional dishdasha (the all white outfit with a white head covering) and his picture is in a small blue circle at the bottom of the screen.

Oh, and now the channel switched to a very odd music video. Well, there goes the familiarity. I’ll let you all know if I see anything else.