Well, I’ve been told that most of the blogs from Kuwait talk about new technology and consumer products that the blogger wants, complain about the society (especially the traffic), or are about the weather. Today, I am going to be regular, stereotypical Kuwait blogger and talk about weather. Yay! Weather! Doesn’t everyone like talking about weather? . . . . with that weird guy that hangs out at the water cooler? “Grrr, I can’t believe I forgot my water jug again! Oh, look, it’s that guy, I forgot his name and I never have any idea what to say around him. I guess I could say something about the weather . . . . ” is my thought process.

Well, today will be different. I think the weather actually IS interesting today. I’ve been talking with my parents, apparently it is cooling off rapidly in the US and there have been snow flurries in the Iowa/Illinois/Wisconsin area recently. I guess I’m not shocked. It’s almost Halloween and I remember a number of cold and miserable nights trick-or-treating over the years. Also, it is marching band season and when you walk outside with musical instruments, you’re just tempting the heavens to burst open and pour on you with that painfully cold rain.

In Kuwait, we’re still hovering around the mid-90s with almost no humidity usually. The walk to work in the morning is perfect, usually somewhere in the 80s with a slight cool breeze. In the evening, there is a bit more humidity and it generally feels warm enough that I desire air conditioning. Today was a little different though. Walking home, it was around 90 and quite humid. It brought back memories of summers in Iowa when it feels like a storm is coming. I even scanned the skies looking for scary storm clouds. BUT, this is Kuwait. I intellectually understand that there won’t be any rain for quite a while, but still, my feeling was that it was going to rain. This shows me a bit of my true culture shock, there are many automatic judgments that I make that are probably way wrong. Guess what. . . no rain.