Well, my mom told me that I should share some of the interesting tidbits of Kuwait that now seem very normal to me, but always surprise her when she thinks about them

-You can buy just about anything in Kuwait, but some of the things are a little odd. I buy wonderful fruits from Lebanon, South Africa, Syria, and all over. Very few things have high fructose corn syrup (there isn’t any in the soda sold here, even when it is Pepsi, Coke, 7up) and you can get fresh baked bread from a very nice man across the street from my school.

-There is no Wal-mart or Target store here. We get groceries at the “Sultan Center” (not pronounced “sull’in,” as we do in the US swallowing the T and putting the emphasis on the first syllable, but more like “Sool taaan,” with the emphasis on the second syllable and  a hard S on the beginning. We also go to “Carrefour,” I believe it is a British chain, it reminds me of  a very large Super Wal-mart and it is in the mall.

-Our apartment was just painted by a school crew. When we moved in the whole place was completely white, we bought some paint, and the crew came and now our house is 3 wonderful shades of brown and blue. Easy and convenient.

-I’ve only seen a few bugs in Kuwait, these little tiny white bugs that look like small, fat ants. I’ve seen a few small black ants and about 3 flies. The nuisance of Kuwait is cats. There are a lot of little kittens that hang around and eat the garbage, they are all “scaredy cats.” There is one cat seems not as scared and meows at me in front of the police station and will sniff for my lunch. I find them cute, but every once in a while at night, I hear a literal cat fight outside.

-Our water system is set up very interestingly. In the past, a truck came around every day and filled a tank on the roof of our building and one in the “basement.” Now, there is a big pipe that we step over a couple times a day that connects us to the city water system and fills up those tanks. When we showed up in August, all our faucets were backwards. The cooler water came out on the left side and the warmer water on the right. Apparently, during the summer, the tank on the roof of the building is heated by the sun for your warm water and the tank indoors, in the air conditioning, is your cool water. We recently turned on our water heater (there are two random switches in our apartment that control one for the master bathroom shower and one for our kitchen sink), so now we get the hottest water I have ever felt on the correct side of the faucet and still fairly warm water on the right. Some time in the next few months, I guess the water on the top of the building will be cooler and the water in the building will absolutely need the water heater. It should be interesting.

Thanks for reading!