There are just way too many things to write about. I’ll just pick one of the fun things from the past week.

Last Thursday we had the opportunity to visit the US Embassy in Kuwait. It is a very large compound encircled with a large wall and then again by a very scary looking electrified fence. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no pictures because I was not allowed to carry in a camera or a phone.

Brad is playing in a local jazz band that was invited to perform at the US Embassy’s social club, and I was allowed to join as a guest of one of the members. It was a highly unique experience. I took a taxi that had to stop well outside of the gate to the Embassy and I walked to the security check. It was a much more thorough search than even the airport, with my passport and phone held, my name checked off the list, being escorted into the purse search and metal detector, and escorted to the gate of the club.

Amazingly, there was alcohol at the embassy, and I sipped on some sort of fruity drink listening to Brad and the group perform all the hits: Sweet Home Chicago, Copa Cabana, I Will Survive and many more.

I helped Brad and the crew pack everything up and we got a ride with one of the embassy employees. We got to see the security for the cars. Even though we were in an embassy employee driven car, we had to get out of the vehicle and they looked under the hood and under the body of the car with flashlights and mirrors. The driveways in and out of the compound all had yellow and black barriers making double S kind of curves to stop you from being able to drive very fast through the place. It was definitely an adventure and as much as it was neat to be around a lot of Americans, I felt a lot more comfortable when we were out on regular Kuwait land 🙂