We’re well into the school year and it’s time for a little reflection. Brad and I recently went to a dinner and had an experienced staff member ask what the most unique thing about Kuwait was. I think that was a hidden way to ask if we have any complaints. Of course, Brad, in his usual style, thought about it for a while and decided that he was just about the most unique thing in Kuwait – a redheaded American living and working in a city in the Middle East. After a lot of thought, I have landed on the most unique thing and it is the thing I like least about Kuwait.

In our apartment, our door locks from the inside with a key.

Thats it. Seriously, the thing I like least about Kuwait.

I have a bit of a phobia associated with this. If we lock our door at night (which is probably unnecessary, but a pretty good habit), we need a key to unlock it, even from the inside. For the most part we use Brad’s key ring that just has his two keys that go to our building and we just leave the key stuck in the door on the inside. It still bugs me that, if I really needed to get out in a hurry, I have to think about unlocking the door with the key. Very unique, and something I really don’t like.

On a more normal note: We had our apartment painted today and the crew is coming back tomorrow to finish. It is a very fitting medium brown color in our living/dining room and Brad’s music studio and after tomorrow will be a nice grey/blue in the bedroom. Pictures to come!