Well, Ramadan is over. It actually went by pretty quickly, but I’m glad that Kuwait seems back to normal. It was amazing, yesterday, I saw a guy smoking outside around lunchtime, the “saloon” guys were hanging out and spinning in their chairs at that time, and the Iranian Bread guy sold me bread, and the Bakala corner store was open and the sun was out — All very exciting things. I’m sure these all seem like little silly things, but Ramadan was a very weird time in Kuwait. It was like it was Sunday morning in the US if you’ve ever tried to go out and get stuff done before 11am. Like if you go out grocery shopping on a Sunday morning and you don’t see anyone and all your favorite hot spots are closed and the roads are deserted. You go to the mall and it seems like it should be open, but the doors are all locked. But all day long!

Now, I think it feels again like we live in the weirdest little town in the United States. It’s a lot like the United States, there are people, cars, normal stuff but there’s a lot of sand, people drive differently and park crazily. The money looks funny and the Iranian bread guy doesn’t speak any English. The stores are normal seeming enough, but with extremely helpful customer service and brand names I’m not familiar with. You don’t seen any midriffs or halter tops and I’ve only seen a couple of pairs of shorts (on men or women) since we’ve been here.  Teenagers walk around in giggly packs, but usually all boys or all girls. Oh, and all the restrooms have that little hose thing, I won’t get into that too much. Like the United States . . . . on a crazy day.

Today, we’ll go out and try to get a grasp on regular Kuwait. Apparently the taxi drivers and drivers in general aren’t as nice after Ramadan is over, but maybe there will be some good “Eid” deals. Thanks for reading!