We took our first big walk around the neighborhood today. I (Emily) have always thought of myself as someone with a good sense of direction. If I got lost, I could find my way back with a little logic about cardinal direction and some sense of the squareness of blocks. Unfortuntately, that all gets thrown WAY out the window in Kuwait.

The big main roads are ring roads to the tip of the city and then other roads shoot strait out from the city. There are really no North-South main roads and East-West roads. In the crazy polygons that are created between the ring roads and the offshoots are winding little streets and oddly shaped blocks. I think I am just going to have to get lost a lot. . . . Fortuntately, I don’t have a car, so I can’t get too off track. It is difficult to tell cab drivers how to take us home. I really have almost no idea how to get to our house!

Today’s walk was a little surreal. We walked down to a big main intersection with a nice little Thai restaurant and two awesome dessert shops. We ate dinner (after sunset and the evening call to prayer, of course, being Ramadan) and then walked toward the coast. We walked by two private beach clubs and found our way to a public beach. From the beach we could see the Kuwait Towers clearly for the first time (it has been too sandy the two other times we have been down by the coast) and I actually put my hand in the water of the Arabian Gulf (AKA the Persian Gulf if you’re in the US).

The most surreal part is that when I turned away from the water, there are huge hotels, a McDonalds, a bunch of nice little restaurants, and a very prestigious beach club. We’ll take pictures as soon as the weather in manageable during the day.