Ramadan Crescent

Day one of school was today! Both Brad and I had a great time meeting our students. I still have two classes I have not yet met and Brad has one, we will see those students tomorrow and some of our classes from today will repeat. I have a nice little 6th grade advisory class (although many of my advisory students were absent today, so it will be larger later). Brad has a very small (6 students) advisory that meets in the high school principal’s office! I have one high school vocal class that is mostly boys and 4 eighth grade bands that are small, but will join together for concerts to make a good sized group. All my eighth graders are really great so far, lots of smarts and lots of enthusiasm.

This was the first year I’ve taught and haven’t been exceptionally nervous for the first day. I think no teacher ever feels like they are 100% ready for school to start, but it happens anyway, and I felt confident that the day would go smoothly.