Well it is defiitely summer here. It has been quite hot AND humid here. There is air conditioning everywhere, but being really sweaty is just a fact of life. When it is hotter than 110 and humid, it’s the real deal. But, Brad and I have both been very good about drinking a lot of water without any promting, so neither of us has a big problem with the heat.

Today we spent the morning and early afternoon cleaning. I have never cleaned so much with just one tool — a razor blade. This sounds crazy to me as I type it, but I spent the whole day scraping up paint dribbles from the white cover up paint on the walls, old cement, goo, and all sorts of other things from our tile floors and baseboards. I used no other tool from 10am-4pm. The floors look amazing now, and we are ready to hire a maid and someone else to paint!

Maid service is a norm here, and many maids have stopped by to see when we are hiring (not if). The school suggests it because it is quite cheap for us to hire someone, and it makes an incredible difference in the life of the one or two people we hire. I think we’ll get someone to clean for us once a week in a few weeks. More importantly, I want to hire an Indian woman to cook! I am extremely excited about the possibility of homemade Indian food!

Photos to come, unfortunately I lost my little Sony camera (someone on a Lufthansa flight out of Frankfurt is probably very happy) and we haven’t gone out on any big camera shoots with Brad’s awesome camera.