Hello everyone! Brad and I are doing well, we called the competition for who would get over jet lag a draw, we’re eating good local produce, drinking a lot of water, and getting up really early with the sun and the morning call to prayer.

Today we went to get our health work up. Massoud and Saber, our school’s two amazing representatives made it go very smoothly. We arrived at school very early to show up at a blood work clinic. We waited for a while in a couple waiting rooms with a lot of other guest workers from other Middle Eastern countries, India, Pakistan, and the Philipines. After a man looked through my passport and visitor visa and took another picture of me, I had some more blood taken (I had a very good phlebotomist, but he picked a vein that gave me a big bruise). The women were all shuttled to a different clinic across town for a chest xray, we put on floor length orange hospital gowns (no breezy opening in the back, it was very nice) and got x-rayed by a very nice pregnant lady. I’m not sure you would ever see a pregnant x-ray technician in the US but because it was the women’s clinic, all the staff inside the “women only” doors were women and no men were allowed in. We also stood in our first women only line today.

There are a lot of little unwritten rules that we are gradually learning, but it isn’t anything shocking. There are always people around to help (especially me, I have had a lot of things carried to the register for me in stores, bags carried for me, etc.) and store employees are instantly helpful (think Best Buy, but without a sales pitch, and they usually walk really fast). The school employees that are not westerners are all incredibly kind and friendly, and there are about 5 women who have stopped by our apartment to see when we are hiring a maid. The school suggested that everyone get a maid for at least one day a week. The woman we are considering hiring will come in and clean for 3 hours for 5 KD, about $17. Our neighbors hire two women, one comes in twice a week to clean and another comes in once a week and cooks them a bunch of food. It is very cool.

Well, in general, we are really enjoying Kuwait. The biggest problem is that I can never figure out what day it is. The work week is Sunday through Thursday, so since today felt like Wednesday, it must be Tuesday! The people are pretty laid back, the school we work at has a great focus, the weather is pleasantly hot, the food is good, and there are enough little funny things that happen to keep it interesting. It is a very safe town, besides the very scary traffic. I believe there is no drivers ed program, and you can tell! More info and pictures later (my camera has gotten lost in the shuffle of stuff).