Hello everyone! We’ve actually made it to our destination and we really are “Brad and Emily in Kuwait” now. We left our Portland hotel room at 9:00am on Friday the 15th to make it to the airport about 4 hours before the flight. We hauled all of our bins into the airport and were the first in line to check in (Sorry to the long line that formed behind us and had to wait, we planned way ahead). Checking 600 lbs of stuff was surprisingly uneventful, just a lot of heavy lifting , but our wonderfully durable and highly recognizable black and grey bins all were underweight and up to code.

Our first flight left at 1:15pm from Portland to Frankfurt, a 9 1/2 hour flight. It was not as strenuous as I thought it might be. We tried to sleep and pretend our flight was night for our morning arrival in Frankfurt. In Germany, we took the S-Bahn into town for a nice outdoor lunch and we walked down to the famous little square in town.

Frankfurt Statue

Frankfurt Square

We made it into the Kuwait airport at about 10:30pm Saturday night. All of our luggage made it through flawlessly. It was quite a sight to see us traipse through the aiport with so much stuff. We were the first through the security check (they check for bottles to make sure you’re not smuggling alcohol) and met up with our principals.

About 15 new teachers were on this flight with us, we gradually all made it through security, labeled and loaded our bags with the help of the wonderful AIS support staff and were dropped off at our apartment building.

Sunday is a work day in Kuwait, we got up early with a lot of help from the bright sun. We had a nice relaxing day, a tour of the school and a grocery trip to the Sultan Center, a very Western style grocery with some other items. Tomorrow is some Harry Wong training (yea!), some Arab culture and history lessons, and IKEA (Brad is extremely excited).

Can you tell what these products are!? On the other side, they have the good old fashioned English, but this side looks way cooler!

Arabic Soda Bottles