We’re back in Iowa from a whirlwind tour of the midwest. We spent some time in Macomb and Abingdon (IL) visiting Brad’s family, I spent a wonderful but short weekend in Chicago with my high school friends (sorry, I didn’t take any pictures) and then we were on to Wisconsin for some more family time. Here is my immediate family and my lovely grandparents Don and Tee.

Parrell Family

While we were in Wisconsin, Brad spent some early morning hours photographing in the beautiful blue mounds. Wisconsin Country Lane

One more picture from my grandfather’s hummingbird feeder.


We’re getting close to a countdown, just a few days until we’ll attend DCI Quarter Finals in Indianapolis, 5 days until our train trip across the country, and 10 days until our flight overseas. We’re still not really “Brad and Emily in Kuwait,” but we’re coming down to it!