My Las Vegas class suite-mate Angela and I (Emily) spent a lovely evening on the town last night. Last year we did the full blown Las Vegas experience; we walked through almost every major hotel, we saw the sights and ate at some nice places. This year we found a wonderful tapas restaurant called Firefly and had an awesome dinner for half of what you would pay on the strip

We took the bus to the strip (I won’t mention how long it took us to really figure out the bus system, I’ll just say that Angela’s iPhone was priceless at that time) and walked through several hotels, we saw the Bellagio fountains again and had a great time. Here are some pics:Old Las VegasThis is old school Las Vegas on the North end of the strip, taken from the bus transfer station. I took this, just for comparison. A lot of the famous classic Vegas hotels are in this area. Lady Luck and two others are in this photo.

New Las VegasAnd new schol Las Vegas, the Bally and Paris hotels.Bellagio FountainsThe Bellagio fountains taken from the side. Friday night we watched several rounds of the fountains, Saturday, we just watched this one.

A look down the stripA look down the strip from one of the skywalks.