Brad is off on his adventure that we affectionately refer to as “man in the desert time.” He got on his plane just an hour or so ago and is on his way to Phoenix for a week of seeing the sights of Arizona and taking pictures. We’ll meet back up in Las Vegas on Friday for my class’ “show and tell” day before our trip to the midwest. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to upload any of his pictures until then.

Also unfortunately, I didn’t warn him that today in Phoenix the high today is 118 deegrees! It is 104 right now in Vegas, but it is really not too bad. There is 14% humidity, which feels  a little more humid than it was earlier in the week, but after spending some time in the air conditioning, the heat feels really good.

Last night I went out to a great little sushi place in Vegas with a classmate who lives here in town and one of my dorm buddies. We did the crazy all-you-can eat menu and then visited the Bellagio fountain and the Mirage volcano. No pictures, I don’t think they would come out looking like anything and I was more concerned with enjoying the show. If we walk by there today during the day time, I take some pics and post them.

See everyone soon in the midwest!