Hello again from Seattle! I know this is a crazy rant, but that’s par for the course for me (Emily).  I have a little gripe about sales tax. Growing up in Iowa, it was always crazy to go over to Illinois where the sales tax was lower. I’d purchase a sandwich marked $3.99 and hand over $5 and get  more than 75c back in change.  In Iowa, you’d get less than 75c back. It seemed amazing!

Moving to Oregon, if you purchase that same sandwich, you  hand over $4 and get back 1c. It is amazing how fast I got used to not rounding up and handing over more money than was marked on the package. Now after 3 years of sales tax-free bliss, in Washington, I seem like the idiot in line that never has enough money out and has to go back rummaging through her purse, even though the sandwich is clearly marked $3.99 which means, “Have FIVE dollars out, girlie!”

I have also noticed how much heavier my purse instantly became the moment I paid for one item in Washington and deposited the change into my already stuffed bag. Now, instead of getting the one cent back and throwing it in the “Leave a penny, take a penny” dish, I get back some awful amount of change that always seems to have several dimes and nickels and pennies like 67cents or 19cents. As I type, there is more than $2 in change sitting next to my computer after Brad and I emptied our pockets last night, and that’s even after I stole all the quarters to do laundry!

Well enough ranting. Sales tax, grrr. If you see me in person any time soon, ask me about my theory of carrying around more change and the effect on global warming 🙂