Brad and I decided yesterday that we’re city people. We both love the opportunities we had as kids to wander aimlessly in the country. My memories of running through corn fields, playing in barns, and playing in streams are very dear to me and I wouldn’t be who I am today without those times. But, the excitement, convenience and fun of the city will keep me from the country, at least for a while. Here’s my list  I’m making about Seattle:

Things I love about Seattle:

Awesome Restaraunts, the grid of streets and avenues, the walkability of downtown (I walked about 2 miles today), the variety of shops (I went to Lark in the Morning – very cool little world music shop, not far from the guys that throw fish), seeing Puget Sound from almost every intersection, the 2 guys I saw today wearing “Utili-kilts” (one was a city worker, hehehe), that there is a drug store 1/2 block away and a little grocery store 2 blocks away, that most people wear reasonable shoes (for the big hills), being able to almost blend in as a local

Things I don’t love about Seattle:

Sales Tax!?! Lots of homeless folks that don’t seem to have anywhere to stay, the crazy wind tunnel effect of some of the buildings at intersections

Pike's Place Market

Pike's Place Market

The obliatory picture from Pikes Market. This is the open part of the market with food, to the left is the indoor market with restaurants and lots of little shops.