We made it to Seattle! We both really enjoyed the train, it takes just about as long as it would to drive the distance, but with no worries. I have lost my “bus legs” a little bit and stumbled around the train trying to get back to the snack car. Only one small snafu this morning, we got to the train station in Portland (a really lovely building, Brad took a few pictures) and our bags were overweight each by about one or two pounds. Packing our bins that will go overseas with us, we had meticulously weighed them so there wouldn’t be any messing around at the airport to get them under weight. For our bags that went on this trip, we just threw everything together with no regard for weight. . . or fit . . . or organization. So, we were messing around trying to find things to move into our already extremely heavy carry on bags. We got them under 50 lbs on both scales (the two scales were different by a pound and a half, of course the more stringent scale was the one that decided if you were allowed to check them or not) and hopped on the train to our backwards facing seats. It was a wonderful ride and I’m looking forward to the long train ride that we’ll take in 5 weeks.

The hotel in Seattle is a lovely old hotel. We have a corner room and there is even a little coffee shop in the hotel! We dropped our bags at the front desk and wandered around downtown. We’re just a few blocks from Pioneer Square and we sat under the famous metal and glass thing (whose name escapes me now) in Occidental Park and watched groups on the Underground Tour walk by. Great memories from the Seattle trip with the Winchip family last year. Thanks mom and dad! Brad is checking into his class as we speak and soon we’re off to find some dinner.