Today was truly several days packed into one. We’re now in Portland, our bins for overseas are stored at a self storage place (plus a little extra that we’ll have to take care of when we get back to Oregon), we vacated our house, and we had an amazing dinner at Marrakesh, a great Moroccan restaurant, in Portland.

The house emptying and cleaning was nuts! I really meant to take some pictures but we just ran out of the place after it was cleared out. We had to be in Portland by 4:00 to meet the office staff for our storage unit (after the place I planned on storing everything turned out to be full) and our goal was to make it out of the house by 3:00. We packed furiously all day, with a few interruptions of the folks that bought our bed, computer desk, and refridgerator. Thank you Janet, Jean and Barbara! At 2:00pm I took an incredible amount of clothing, kitchen items and random stuff to the Goodwill store (thank goodness they were open on July 4th!), I ran back and threw or packed everything that was left in our house and we left at 3:15. We got to Portland at about 4:30 (sorry to Brad for my navigating error), unloaded into the storage unit and headed for the hotel.

After one missfire for a Uhaul place to drop off the truck, we went back to the hotel to clean up and drop off the truck for real. We took a cab to Marrakesh and had the most amazing dinner. Coincidentally, the last CD they played (after the belly dancer left, I’m not kidding) is a CD we’ve been listening to in our car for the last month, and we crazily sang along.

Such a long, crazy day, but now we’re settled into our hotel in Portland. Tomorrow, early morning train to Seattle and some time to relax. Thanks for reading and Happy Fourth of July!